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Guardian gods use magical powers to boost the strength of their basic abilities and attacks. They’re typically melee-ranged. 

While the damage output of a Guardian god is low, they’re capable of withstanding more damage than other god classes. They can protect their more vulnerable allies or set up combinations that create favorable opportunities. 

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Warrior gods are capable of sustaining and dealing damage without being superior at either. So instead, they use physical power to boost the strength of their abilities and attacks. 

Warrior gods are ideal for leading an offensive attack. They’re vicious melee frontliners that can take a battle to the next level. 

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Hunter gods use their physical power to boost their strength. They’re usually ranged fighters that tend to be item dependent. Their basic attacks can deal the majority of their damage. 

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Mage gods have ranged attacks that use magical powers to increase the potency of their abilities and spells. Their god abilities are the primary source of their damage.

Mages can usually attack with large amounts of damage in a short time. However, they cannot withstand a lot of damage. 

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Assassin gods have high burst damage and mobility. They can quickly go in, defeat a target, and disappear before the enemy even knows they were there. These gods use their physical power to increase their abilities and attacks and are typically melee. 

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