Ah Muzen Cab Builds

Smite More is your online source for Ah Muzen Cab builds. Learn how to make the best Ah Muzen Cab in Conquest, Arena, Clash, Assault, and Joust today!

Smite builds for hunters like An Muzen Cab will affect and change how you play the game. Each build will take time to master.

Featured Final Build

  • Corrupted Bluestone
  • Transcendence
  • Brawler’s Beat Stick
  • Runeforged Hammer
  • The Crusher
  • Jotunn’s Vigor

The Crit Build

This Ah Muzen Cab crit build will mangle anyone who does not have spectral armor. If they happen to be wearing spectral armor, avoid targeting them unless they are your only target.

Build Notes
Spectral armor has passive physical critical strike damage reduction.

Ability Level Priority
Hive, Honey, Stinger, Swarm

Temporal Beads, Aegis of Judgement


  • Ornate Arrow
  • Devourer’s Gauntlet
  • Atalanta’s Bow
  • Wind Demon
  • Envenomed Deathbringer
  • The Executioner

These Ah Muzen Cab builds work well in every game mode, like Conquest, Arena, Clash, Assault, and Joust.

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